Ivano Frankivsk UKLI International Airport

IATA code is a three digit code that is assigned to every airport for identifying aviation services that are available on that airport. IATA Airline Coding Directory, published tri annually and assigned each every airport an IATA code. IATA is a abbreviation of the world International Air Transport Association. It is a International trade organization of airlines founded in 1945 (April) Havana ( Cuba ). The aim of this association to provide secure, safe, reliable, economical air services for whom wishing safe air ride. It is usually serving airlines, passengers, shippers, travel agents, and governments for making sure that the traveling by the air would be according to international standards. The services that IATA provide to air passengers are baggage baggage checks, tickets, weigh bills and also directing many airlines for deciding international air fairs. The headquarter of IATA is in Geneva, Switzerland. IATA started its mission with only 57 members from 31 nations that were are usually from Europe and north America, now it has near about 250 members across the world. IATA usually covering international airline traffic. IATA made license that are needed for booking hotels, rental cars and travel voucher.
IATA code now plays significant role for standardization of any airport. It can be divided into three main systems
1)Location Identifier
2) Airline designator
3) Accounting or prefix codes ( Same no can be applied for cargo system known as airlines prefix )
IATA is now planning to ensure that following requirement must be fulfill by every airport or even every airlines provider such that E-ticketing, CUSS facility, E-freight pilot and 2D bar code. The IATA code of - Ivano -Frankivsk airport (UKLI) is IFO.IATA has desinated UKLI as IFO because of its name Ivano - Frankivsk. Now UKLI can be idenified either for airlines service , air fair check or even for cargo servives.
Now you can find IATA code for any airport try this search such that UKLI has a IATA code IFO.

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