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ICAO code UKLI of Ivano Frankivsk - Code or Location Indicator that is known as ICAO is four letter alphanumeric code that has assigned to every international airport around the world. International Civil Aviation Organization has defined and assigned it and published in ICAO Document 7910: Location indicators. The decisions of air traffic control and operations such as flight planning and scheduling usually depends upon ICQA now a days. Many persons are confused with the IATA codes that are often used by the general public for airlines, timetable, reservation and baggage handing. On the other hand ICAO code defines some measurement for any airport that parameters are weather station, international flight service station and area control center. Such parameter defines whether or not any airport is suitable for the international flights.
ICAO code UKLI of Ivano Frankivsk - There are wide difference exist between ICAO and the IATA codes such that ICAO codes are structured on the regional basis such the first letter assigned by continents to the country or group of country and the second letter define country with in the region and the last word define airport. Many larger country have single letter country , where the three remaining letter identify the airport.
Ivano- Frankivsk Airport ICAO number is UKLI. Where as UK stands for Ukraine and the LI stands for local identification of the Ivano- Frankivsk Airport .
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