Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Ukraine had decided more then 100 theater for keeping them in national theater category in which three are most popular among the people , these are National Opera of Ukraine, National Academic Drama Theater of I.Franko and National Academic Theater of Russian Drama of Lesya Ukrainka. Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa Theaters of Opera and Ballet, Lvov Drama Theater of Zankovetskaya, Kharkov Ukrainian Drama Theater of Taras Shevchenko, Kharkiv Russian Drama Theater of A.S. Pushkin, Crimean Russian Drama Theater named by Horky also have a high status of academic theaters.

Ukraine theater are rich in culture that why there are 14 Russian also work in Ukraine as well as one Crimean-Tatar Theater in Symferopil and the Hungarian theater in Beregovo. Theaters are also classified into various categories like 21 musical-drama theaters, 16 dramatic, 9 theaters for children and youth, 25 doll theaters, 6 theaters of opera and ballet, theaters of drama and musical comedy, operetta, of marionettes, pantomime, etc.
After independence Ukraine theater had increased because of theatrical groups of various genres, as well as the appearance of municipal departmental and private theaters. Also Ukraine theaters looks new face and now developing on higher rates successfully making up what it missed on what taboo was imposed before.

By the efforts of many theatrical collectives the "Theater of Nikolay Kulish" was created, at the "Theater of Vladimir Vinnichenko", a number of foreign dramatists’ works is staged – classic and modern, traditional and experimental. The distance which existed between capital and regional troupes has been successfully overcome. Best presentations, say, Donetsk Musical-Drama Theater ("Inspector" by Gogol, "After Two Hares" by G.Staritskiy, "Orgy" by Lesyi Ukrainka), Nikolayev Theater of Drama and Comedy ("Ghostly efforts of love" by W. Shakespeare, "Aesop" by Figeyred), Lviv Theater of Zankovetskaya ("Uncle Vanya" by A.Chekhov. "While sun will set, dew will eat eyes" by M. Kropyvnytskiy), Ternopol Theater of T. G. Shevchenko ("Romul the Great" by F. Durrenmatt, "Love in Baroque Style" by Yaroslav Stelmakh), Chernigov Musical-Drama Theater ("Summer-Night Dream" by W. Shakespeare, "Lesson" E. Yonesko) are fully comparable with best performances of National Theater of I.Franko ("Aeneid" by I. Kotlyarevskiy, "King Lyres" by W. Shakespeare), National Theater of Russian Drama of Lesya Ukrainka ("School of Scandal" by Sheridan, "Toybele and her Demons" by Zinger), Kyiv Young Theater ("Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare, "Gedda Gabler" by G. Ibsen).
Theater in Ukraine has successfully entered European humanitarian space. Striking evidence of this is triumphal tours of the Franko Theater actors in Germany, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, Poland, Macedonia, of the Zankovetskaya Theater actors in the USA and Great Britain, of the Lesia Ukrainka Theatre in Germany, Poland and Israel; and participation and victory of Chernigov’s actors in prestigious theatrical festivals in Poland and Egypt, of actors of Ternopol – in Poland and Great Britain, of Kyiv Theater of Young Spectators – in Serbia and Montenegro and in Turkey.
Presently a number of International festivals known throughout Europe, are taking place in Ukraine annually: “Golden Lion” in Lviv, “Ternopol Theatrical Evenings. Debut” in Ternopol, “Khersones Games” in Sevastopil, “Melpomena of Tavria” in Kherson, “Christmas Mystery” in Lutsk, and “Interlyalka” in Uzhgorod.

The 141th opera season in Kyiv started in September, 2008.
National Opera & Ballet Theater of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 (44) 279-1169, Website: www.opera.com.ua
Prices for day performances vary from $2 to $5 a person. Prices for evening performances vary from $2 to $15 a person. Tickets can be purchased at the opera theater or throughout Kyiv at ticketing offices.

Lviv Opera & Ballet Theater, Lviv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 (322) 72-88-60, Website: www.opera.lviv.ua

All evening operas and ballets start at 6:00pm
Prices for tickets: for children prices are up to $3. For adults, prices are up to $10.
For more information on the playbill, please e-mail: lvivopera@ukr.net.

National Ivan Franko Theater of Drama in Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 (44) 279-5991, E-mail: nadift@franko-theatre.kiev.ua Website: www.franko-theatre.kiev.ua

Prices for evening shows vary from $2 to $10 a person.

Lviv Drama Theater of Maria Zankovetska, Lviv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 (322)72-07-62, E-mail: teatrlviv@mail.ru, Website: www.zankovetska.com.ua

All shows start at 6:00pm and are performed in Ukrainian

The Odesa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theater, Odesa, Ukraine
E-mail: dvgn@real.ua, Website: www.opera-ballet.tm.odessa.ua

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